PPSEP Training Program

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Welcome to Pipeline Safety Coalition’s “Pipeline Procedure and Safety Education Program” (PPSEP)

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There are over 2.6 million miles of natural gas & hazardous liquids pipelines in the United States.  While that number is rapidly on the rise, an existing aging infrastructure is in need of repair and replacement.  Who regulates siting and safety varies and depends on what the pipeline carries, how much it carries and where it goes.  As development of Marcellus Shale and Utica Shale increases, news of the proposed pipelines needed to carry this fuel to markets is overwhelming the public.  The goal of PPSEP is twofold:  

First, PPSEP will provide you with basic information about pipeline infrastructure, regulations, operations, landowner rights (and responsibilities).  

Second, PPSEP was created for those who want to learn enough about pipeline procedure and safety to be verified as able to speak to others seeking information in this time of rapid pipeline development and repair.  As an informed student who passes the assessment program, Pipeline Safety Coalition will work with you to help you provide timely pipeline safety education in this time of need.

The course is based on the Pipeline Safety Coalition workshop series “What You Need to Know and Why,” federal & state pipeline agency published information, the Pipeline Safety Trust Landowners Guide and the Carolyn Elefant, Esq produced, “Knowing and Protecting Your Rights When and Interstate Gas Pipeline Comes to Your Community”

Creating this course was made possible by a Technical Assistance Grant (TAG) from the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (US DOT PHMSA).  The TAG program offers local governments and community groups funding “for technical assistance in the form of engineering or other scientific analysis of pipeline safety issues and to help promote public participation in official proceedings.”  To learn about this grant program and previously funded programs visit: http://primis.phmsa.dot.gov/tag/.

Please visit https://pipeline.mycoursecenter.com to view & register for the PPSEP courses.