Pipeline Safety Coalition (PSC)

Pipeline Safety Coalition was founded on the belief that the public is entitled to easy access to information needed to make informed decisions about gas development and infrastructure impacts to landowners, communities and the environment. 

We develop programs that discuss the “What You Need to Know & Why” in these complicated times of pipeline debate and development; discussing what pipeline infrastructure includes, Landowner Rights, FERC process, gas vs hazardous liquid pipeline infrastructure and processes, siting and safety regulations.

Pennsylvania has kept us busy, but PSC has begun partnering with citizens, legislators, educators, and non government organizations in many states, particularly on the Eastern Seaboard.

We believe informed communities are safer communities and informed citizens are empowered to make decisions that represent the subjective needs of their community.

Our Executive Director, Lynda Farrell, resides in Chester County, PA and has over 20 years experience in landowner interaction with pipeline operators. In those years Lynda has honed relationships with government and non-government agencies on state, national and federal levels as well as pipeline operators, industry agencies and citizens across the nation.  A former farmer and educator, Lynda brings a holistic approach to pipeline safety education.

Pipeline Safety Coalition's Mission is: “To gather and serve as a clearinghouse for factual, unbiased information; to increase public awareness and participation through education; to build partnerships with residents, safety advocates, government and industry; and to improve pubic, personal and environmental safety in pipeline issues.”

We welcome your questions, suggestions and support.

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